Black Soldier Fly eggs 1g

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High quality black soldier fly eggs 

Handling black soldier fly eggs requires experience and specific skill sets. Please contact us so we can discuss about it to ensure your success !!!
‚ÄčThis is the most cost-effective way to boost your existing BSF colony. Do not use this product to start a colony, as the neonates are very fragile and living with larger larvae can hinder survival. Once hatched, you will be able to see a decent working population of black soldier fly larvae within a week. Purchasing BSF in the egg stage of their life cycle allows you to control what they consume from birth, depending on your purposes.
+ Calculation of number of eggs is based on the the weight of the individual egg to be 0.027mg. 1 gram contains ~37,000 eggs.
+ 10% more will always be included in your package to ensure your satisfaction.
+ Hatching black soldier fly eggs is a delicate procedure, and high risk of failure is a factor to consider.

This product comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY!  - NO refund - NO free replacement !!!