Paludarium Concepts

Introducing the all in one bio vivaria. (Nature in a tank)

A Great thank you to my family for the support and effort you guy's help put in.We follow our heavenly Father's will because that is how we earn this blessing.

Welcome to reptile products and accessories website, we are back with the same products manufactured and designed by us since 2007 and sold in various shops country wide, tired and bored with that old glass cage sold in the shop window and spending hundreds to thousands of rand’s on limited ornaments/accessories that every shop has the same of just to get that nice effect …with this new concept we hope to bring a new inspirational experience in naturalistic reptile/fish and plant keeping , you will also find the website to be under a new name…

                                        “PALUDARIUM CONCEPTS - INSPIRED BY NATURE!
                                                                        Where the:

Firstly what is a paludarium, vivarium or terrarium...?
A paludarium is a type of vivarium that incorporates both terrestrial and aquatic elements. These environments can represent a plethora of habitats including tropical rainforests, jungles and riverbanks .Paludariums can range from small, easily displayed enclosures to biospheres large enough to contain entire trees. Paludaria (or paludariums) usually consist of an enclosed container in which organisms specific to the biome being simulated are kept. They may be maintained for purely aesthetic reasons or for scientific or horticultural purposes. Since paludaria encompass water, land and air, many different types of fauna and flora can be encompassed in the enclosure. While amphibians, fish and reptiles are the most common, insects and plants are also encompassed in them; these are all animals that naturally live in water/land type environments, swamps, marshes, river banks or mangroves. Flora suited for paludariums include plants that thrive in very humid environments and wetland areas. The water filled portion can also be supported from many aquatic plant species some which are available at your local pet store. (See our list of plants used in vivarium)
A paludarium is an excellent way to replicate a natural environment, but how can you be sure you have everything you'll need for the habitat?

Well at paludarium concepts we have a large selection of collected roots, fungi, branches and custom made vines molded to use in combination to create a unique and natural-looking paludarium. The only limitation is your imagination!
Since we do our own molding’s we are able to replicate any root, rock or stump you might want in your enclosure.

Research and information

Years of passion, research and design went into (our manufactured) products and gathered information on design (see information section), plants and décor so we can help on both design and information regarding paludariums, it is very easy to get lost in ideas. This is why our modular designed system allows converting any standard/custom build size aquarium into a paludarium. The system is housed as a standalone unit or in a well designed cabinet for display in home, school or office. (Information available on pdf)

Vivarium, Cabinets, other Cages and Display Vivarium
Under the definition "show vivarium" we are offering fully equipped and ready to use vivarium.
Each vivarium is decorated individually with our products and is ready for immediate use.

We will gladly install any optional accessories of your choice.
For those who want to have something special, a premium decoration can be
Ordered. In this case we will use special vivarium sculpturing techniques making
the vivarium one of a kind.
Examples for our show vivarium can be found in the gallery on

Glass Display Vivarium

Show vivarium made off glass is recommended for all types of tropical herpes.
Each vivarium has an integrated background. There is a great choice of artificial backgrounds. In some cases backgrounds fitted will have parts of the terrarium sides claded and covered from the inside.
No matter if plastic plants, live plants, artificial or natural decoration, we will
Consider your wishes for decoration. Please advise when ordering.

The core of an attractive paludarium, terrarium is where the plants, water section and streams all comes together to create the naturalistic look and feel.
The waterfall sports dry resting and basking places where the
animals can remain if they are not inside the water.
Around the waterfall there is a big swimming area with a water level of up to 20 cm.
The AquaTarrium is perfect for a great selection of animals living in and around the
water, e.g. fire bellied toads, frogs, newts, juvenile garter snakes and turtles, crabs
and fish. Also keeping several species together like e.g. fish and amphibians is

The AquaTarrium not only offers an attractive biotope in your living room but also
has a calming and relaxing effect.